Got a bug with a 4 bolt hood latch?

Got a bug with a 4 bolt hood latch?
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****These are for 1960 and earlier bugs with 4 bolt hood latch only****

Got a bug with a 4 bolt hood latch? Here is a part I came up with a few years ago and have been using ever since.

1 They make it so you donít need to use a wrench on the back side. The latch can be tightened with one tool on the front side, so one less tool to juggle when adjusting your hood latch.

2 I find that the latch keeps its adjustment better because these nut plates support the latch better reducing unwanted latch movment. I have installed these on cars that had hood latch adjustment issues and after installing these I never had to readjust because the latch is held solid.

3 They look cool, and are a neat detail.

I think they switched to three bolt latches in 61

These are the same thread as the stock bolts (6mmx1.0) but you might need longer hardware to get a full bite on these nut plates. The stock nuts have about 5mm of bite these have about 8-9mm of bite. So I recommend bolts that are 12mm long. If you are happy with hex SS or button head SS hardware I can supply them just let me know.

***also have trick one piece washers for 4bolt hood latch see #742 or #743 for a whole set.*****